Sunday, March 12, 2006

Two great cities ...

The journey having been sucessfully accomplished, inroads have been made by yours truly into West Lafayette. Incidentally, Indiana has no shortage of Lafayettes: there's a west Laf. and a Laf., neighbouring cities seperated by a "great" river.

I have heard that this town has three major tourist attractions: the University (Purdoo, one of those millions of places that rejected me last year.); and two Walmart supercenters (one each in East and West L.). A walking trip showed me most of the university yesterday. I had a chance to see what I missed out by getting rejected. Impressive. But all universities are impressive when you look at them from outside. But I do understand that this place has a scarcity of Minute Maid vending machines.

Walked through "downtown" Lafayette, a place dominated by antique and coffee shops. Met Harsha and Co. too. Felt real nice to meet friends for a change. Us IITians seem to get along the best with each other. I went to one of the Walmart supercenters yesterday, courtesy Harsha. It was cleaner than the College Station Walmart. And had a lot more stuff. (But H.E.B beat the crap out of this place). These department stores in America are like mazes. You always get lost and can never find the exit.

Went to olive garden yesterday evening. Eggplant parmesan or something on those lines. Nice. We had a rather animated waiter who seemed to like Dave Chapelle a lot. Couldn't really see eye to eye with him. Did not have the heart to tell him that I preffered more refined comedy such as Jeeves and Wooster.

Intend to do at least a modicum of work here (thanks to ezpoxy at the TAMU library). Weather here has been quite cooperative of sorts..... this place has been "abnormally warm" or something on those lines. A cooldown of sorts is expected ... hope I'll see my first snow outside the fridge soon.

I'll keep posting about adventures in Purdoo .... till next time then. Bye.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Yellapragada Siva Ram said...

hey nice to read ur exp of ur stay at Purdue... hmm read both ur blogs... nice ones... will read them from now...


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