Thursday, March 02, 2006

An interesting class

I'm in my TA office (a leaky basement office infested with old desktop computers and 30 odd ugly tables) where TAs hang out. TAs are very boring people, and this rather boring office reinforces that notion. For aptness' sake, let's call this office the Hole, henceforth.

So, I'm in the hole right now, with my laptop - surfing the net, thanks to a nearby router. The morning, as mornings go, was okay. Woke up early, thanks to the Bose wave radio-alarm clock. And guess what I heard: a sentimental speech from George Bush about how grateful he was for the hospitality at the "Presidential Palace" in India!!!

Of course, had a TA class at 8:00 am, so I set out at 7:43, and reached class by 7:52, a lot earlier than I used to in the BC (Between Cycles) era.

A very interesting Turbulence class happened today. We got our hands dirty with some real interesting manipulations. We derived the Reynolds Stress transport equations and the Professor talked about the "Philosophy of Modeling". His contention was that a model out of thin air for the quantities in the Reynolds Stress Transport equation would reflect reality better than the Bossinesq models (which he hates).

I was intrigued. I could not help but wonder: do people ever solve the Fourier Navier Stokes directly when they do DNS? Do they really need a Grid explicitly in the spatial domain?

A subway sandwitch was consumed. I don't like lettuce or spinach in my sandwitch. It gives me a bovine feeling. And I don't want to feel too bovine in America, the land of the beef eaters. And now, I have some work. I need to solve a problem and post its solution online. Procrastination made sure that I did not do it yesterday. I will pay for this procrastination someday. Maybe not today. Tomorrow?


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