Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And more of the nothing

I must have forgotten to mention in my previous post in the morning: I printed out a map of the world population density from Wikipedia. I hung it on my wall. India is red in the map, and so is Japan.

I had some "lunch" today: some mattar paneer (three and a half peices of the paneer) that I hammered out yesterday with the last roti at home and a few morsels of rice. Tolerably full, and I sure as hell won't fall asleep today in my office as I would have, had I eaten an omlette instead.

I got a visitor to my office today. He wanted some help understanding the convective derivative. I finally got a chance to explain something to someone. Poor guy.

This is quite rare: about two people came to my office for help last semester. I guess I get a little more time to myself. I must add that there are advantages to not being an attractive young girl that students have crushes on - and therefore flood the office hours of.

I procured a cycle recently (day before) after some bad samaritan (if there should exist such a term) relieved me of my previous one. This has cut down my travel time to class by roughly 15 minutes. I was only 2 minutes late to my office, as opposed to the 9 minutes in the era between the two cycles, when I walked.

I have some backlog in grading: that's what I shall be doing right now, as a matter of fact. Of course, there's some research work to do: I need to read up some more on porous media. I'll do it in the evening. After all, if procrastination were an animal and I were a nation, it would be my national animal.


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