Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A lot of time, a lot to do, nothing done

I had a lot of time today. Office hours at 12:00 pm, and nothing before that. I reckoned I could get some research done by then. But instead of research, I did the following:

1. Ate healthy breakfast (second helping of Honey Bunches of Oats with 2% milks)

2. Frowned at roomie who has decided to sleep in the living room (thus blocking TV access in the morning). Can't figure out why he's sleeping there: he's got a couple of beds in his own room.

3. Saw muted weather channel for 15 minutes or so. Looks like Texas is going to heat up.

4. Spoke on phone with Radha (daily morning talk)

5. Opened laptop. Played Alanis. And then some Nine Days. Bose sounds as good as usual. No problems there.

6. Opened book. Read 3 pages or so.

7. Created blog. Wasted time posting.

Looks like research takes a back seat to all these frivolities. Also possibly because advisor is in Hawaii. No meeting today. No pressure.

Looks like a trip to the library in the afternoon after the office hours will have to be on the agenda so that I don't end up doing no "research" today. And the gym. Corpulence to be avoided as far as possible.

Maybe I'll have some better news in the afternoon when I sit down in the library and decide to waste my time blogging.


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