Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A fulfilling evening

I did everything that I wanted to this evening; I worked out, I did not fight with Radha and I had some dinner.

Everything except that research that I wanted to do in the evening. I guess I'll do it after this post. I managed to get a few good papers in the library on Porous Media and am also looking at that book by Kaviany. The treatment of porous media in the book seems to be quite rigorous, so I really need to keep my wits about me when I venture into that tonight.

I worked out today. I changed the tunes on my mp3 player, and I liked them for a change. I managed to work out quite well .. the time just flew by. I did not get so tired as I usually get after the run ( I make two rounds of the rec-center track towards the end of the work). Am I getting any less fat?

The roomie fried some Okra today, and needless to say, the smoke detector had a field day, the bitch. It beeped as if an episode of South Park was on TV. I've solved the riddle of the on-the-couch-sleeping-roomie, though. He's got bedbugs. I guess we'll just have to wait for couch bugs now.

The research ... maybe I'll do it tomorrow morning ... no ... I won't procrastinate further. Today it will have to be. I got more than an hour and a half left in the night .. it's only 10:17!!


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