Saturday, March 04, 2006

On being kicked out

If yesterday had a theme to it, then it must have been 'being kicked out' for me. Let me elaborate.

I like to play tennis on the A&M tennis courts once in a while. Purists may not call what I play tennis, but they cannot deny that I hit balls around the court with Tennis racquets. So, me and a few others (my "tennis" friends, who call me to play tennis with them because I beg them to call me to play tennis with them) went there .... and guess what? The courts were teeming with the proleteriat. Lots of people were smacking the ball around, occupying all the courts. Apparently there was some 'rec-sports' tourney or soemething on those lines. So, no tennis for us.

We decided to try our luck anyway, we found an "empty" court. We hardly started playing when we were kicked out by the people who had a game scheduled on that court. So, we went to the Rec-center to play some racquet ball. Of course, we did not have any eye-guards. We were unceremoneously kicked out of there too by a dutiful official. People wanted to "sneak into" those courts again without the eye-wear. But, wiser counsels prevailed. I went back home.

Had a decent morning today. Woke up, went down, and guess what? There was no roomie sleeping on the sofa. Watched the weather channel (non-muted, for a change) until I got bored. Watched Fox and CNN too. And then, I went to my office, corrected some papers ... had lunch in Subway (the only place thay I can eat with self respect as a vegetarian), and here I am, after a rather tasteless Sundae at McDonalds. I am in the library now, trying to further my knowledge on convection in Porous Media at high Reynolds Numbers. I do not expect local thermal equiliburium to be valid for the cases I am worried about. We plan to incorporate them in Gas Turbine internal cooling, you see. Need to make a presentation to my guide next week, before I go off to Purdue for spring break.

Incidentally, the average temperature for spring in Purdue is 10c during the day. That is 5c colder than the coldest average in Texas. Sounds like fun.


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