Friday, March 03, 2006

Some Latex, some bad food

Woke up early, wanted to see TV. Roomie sleeping on couch yet again, and weather channel was watched in mute yet again. Went to the gym early morning : did not go yesterday, so I had to make up early.

I worked out a problem that my TA boss wanted me to post online. I put it in LATEX so that I could get some practise. Did you ever use Webct? It is the single most convoluted piece of software ever. It took me 20 complete mintues to figure out how to upload files! And this stupid mouse on my Dell computer is so bad, so bad, that it makes those little furry things that run on the floor seem endearing.

I made the mistake of lunching at Taco Bell today. Taco Bell gets my custom primarilty because of its proximity and smaller portions. I can't eat that Shlotzky Pizza or the Chipotle Burrito in the afternoon. For someone as obese and spherical as I am, I eat pretty small portions. I must also add that they (Taco Bell, not the other two. I love them) make the worst food in College Station .... or world!!

Had a medium Latte after a little confusion over the debit card bill - the clerk made a mistake .. billed me for something else too .. the had to do some "manipulations" before I could have my Latte. No big deal .. I got my caffiene. I am happy.

Within the library now. Plan was to work, but as you can see, I was busy with the News / Blogging. Will start working as soon as possible now.

Oh well, better not waste too much time ... back to the book it is for me.


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