Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rain, Squall and a Generally Decent day

Today was rainy in the morning. Some of the "severe" weather that the weather channel was trying to panic about yesterday evening. There was a test of sorts for the students in my TA class today. The exam was quite easy this time .. and I think they did really well.

And as usual, there was an excellent class at 9:35, when the Prof talked about Rapid Distortion Theory in Turbulence - where drastic changes in the mean flow could mean a Quasi-Linearized Navier Stokes - at least in the transient sense. Apparently, we have to help him author a paper on the same in our class. Sounds like fun. Mutual benifit, eh?

Tomorrow is the day when I shall for the first time step on Non Texas American soil. Should things all go fine, the soil shall probably be floor of sorts in the Chicago O'Hare airport. Spring Break. Planning a Trip to West Lafayette shortly.

The meeting that I have been talking of all week happens today. In the evening at 4. Expect a blog describing the same in some brievety. Also planning to get some work done in Purdue .. some reading .. and some more lit surve. Long live (or something else on those lines).


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