Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Two Days.

The alert reader would doubtless have noticed: no post yesterday. I had an early class today, so "no time" to post.

Today was a good day, as days go. TA class at 8:00 in the morning, and I did not go late. As a matter of fact, I went early. Thank thee, O cycle.

And then another absorbing turbulence class. I think I am getting a better intuitive insight into the workings of a turbulent flow: first Panch back at IIT, and now Prof. Girimaji here. Experts are great to learn from.

While talking of experts, it would be an utter sin to leave out my guide, Prof Han. Back at IIT Madras, there used to be a course called "I.C Engines" taught by one Professor A. Ramesh. In my opinion that was the best course that I ever underwent: the subject was exciting and the professor was really sincere and enthusiastic. The best part of the class was how he handled questions. How his expertise would answer any question that the student would ask. And the answers were extremely convincing. I believe my guide is another such person. I am excited.

I went-a-shopping yesterday. Target and HEB, for they are neigbours and can be gone to in the same bus. Since I do not have access to an automobile, I like to stuff all the purchase into a backpack. So, the pizzas, the onions, the peanuts, they all are stuffed into the bag. A rather heavy backpack hitches a ride on my back.

By the way, it was my "turn" to cook today. I made some rajma .... I think it came out okay. The taste was decent ... but really, nowhere near as brilliant as Mum's. (Do I really need to say that?)

It has become foully hot of late. I thought, when I came to the US, I was rid of heat and misery, but ... this place is as hot as Chennai right now!!! But I am not complaining, realy. Air conditioning makes anything comfortable.


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