Friday, March 17, 2006

Snow ruins Chicago Trip

We planned a trip to Chicago yesterday, Radha and I. We intended to go in the morning by the amtrak and come back by the amtrak in the evening. We thought we'd see the Sears tower (as tall as any other buiding in the world, I guess) and the Shedd aquarium.

We we were done in by the snow that never fell. Chicago had one of those eerie "winter storm warnings" with snowfall in excess of 4 inches expected. After this fateful perusal of, our trip went ka-phut. The day was to be spent at home, doing nothing, really. Of course the snow never fell. You should never believe, especially in these areas. It is usually right on target when it comes to Texas though,

And it was spent at home, doing nothing. The Chicago trip stands postponed to tomorrow (Saturday). Yay. And this time, we're using a car. Harsha and Rishi shall drive down with us, the latter never having seen the downtown before. All is well that ends well, I suppose.

Yesterday was more or less spent at home, save a rather quick trip to drink some coffee in the p.m, followed by an equally quick trip to a shop they call "food mart" where Indian food is sold in bulk to the multitudes.

An Indian restaurant was visited day before and some food was eaten. Harsha paid, for he had got through to Shlum - and was on the verge of being paid a lot. Have you noticed how there is always a shortage of Indians in thes Indian restauraunts? There's usually a higher density of the same at Taco Bell or something!!

That's about it from me today ... I have do be busy doing NOTHING


At 9:35 AM, Blogger Srihari said...

Rap, just noticed a typo in the heading. Btw, make it to the top of Sears. Great sights.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Akhilesh said...

Typo? What typo? ;-)

Thanks for pointing out the same ... you saved me a lot of future embarassment.

Will not miss out sears.


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