Monday, March 13, 2006

The Heat is on

If you look at the map of the United States, you will find that Purdoo is perched at a somewhat high latitude. Plenty of cold and snow, that's what one would reckon happens here. The last place you would expect the average human being to sweat on the bed unable to sleep. Such a phenomenon would be common in sultry places like Chennai. But not the frigid American Midwest in winter.

So, it came as a shock that I was unable to get a good sleep at night - my shirt was wet because of all the sweat. It was bloody 21C outside and 27C inside. Chennai would be like this. And the air conditioner is not designed to work unless the ambient dips above that 28C (80F mark). Perhaps this will go down the record as one of those over-cautious energy saving measures.

It is appropriate to note that this trip is, in many ways, a nostalgia trip. Bumped in to lots of "long lost" friends yesterday. Memories of IIT: even in the misery in sleep.

All that said and done, expecting the cold to make a return of sorts tonight. I might yet get to see my first snow shower. A little work sometime soon. I really need to comprehend that RDT. Will do so soon.

RDT, of course stands for "Rapid Distortion Theory" in turbulence. A mention surely has been made of that earlier.


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