Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bose et. al.

A Bose desktop desktop speaker was procured by Radha, perhaps to irk her roommates, or perhaps else to listen to Carnatic classical music. The speakers are little thingys which pack an intense bassy sound. They were procured at an expedition to the Tipp Mall, which is the stereotypical small-town-america mall - and just looks like Post Oak Mall down at College Station.

The weather gods decided not to be deviant anymore. They sent a cold wave to Purdoo .. and this place has been freezing ever since. I did not sweat while sleeping at night yesterday. A brilliant sunny day outside now - but that comes with really frigid temperatures. Nice. Something that I was missing at college station all along.

Life here seems to be fun. There's this hostel atmosphere in these apartments - people like each other and talk to each other, in stark contrast with where I stay, where conversations are terse if any. It feels nice to have friends somewhere in the globe at least. We had fun down in Texas in the winter, when the atmosphere was similar - friends had come over.

What else did I do yesterday? Nothing much. Pretended to study a little while. Have an appointment with a "long lost" friend today ... should be fun. Mohan. Used to be quite pally with him in those GT days long long ago. Looking forward to meeting up with him now.

But work beckons. There's a couple of projects to do .. there's a couple of papers to read (which, I must add, I should never have forgotten down at home!). I have been experiencing the power of procrastination until now. It is immensely powerful.


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