Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rationalization of the hiatus

A long delay between two consecutive posts could mean many things, of which two are

1. I (the blogger) have been so busy that I have not found time to post

2. I (the blogger) have become so damn lazy that I have started to procrastinate blogging.

How I wish it were 1. But the answer is 2. I have become foully lazy of late. Did nothing of real consequence down the weekend. I played some tennis. Or, to put it more aptly, I was on the tennis courts with a racquet .... I don't want to call what I played tennis.

I've been wasting way too much time on Orkut and beside the television. I have been watching everything, even Bill O Rielly. I have been erratic at the gym, and even when I do pop into the gym, my exercises are really toned down.

I decided to get my life back on track today. I spent two hours (approximately) on work today (until now). I intend to spend a little more time on work right now too. There's the Turbulence project which needs to be done. I have this gut feeling that it is not going to work. Nothing significant. Just a gut feeling.

I bought one of those laptop backpack thingys. Almost everyone with a laptop seems to have them. So, I thought I might as well join the party. Plus, I really don't want this poor little thingy to get too many scratches. It already has quite a few.

Well, I'd better get to work now. Enough of time has been wasted.


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