Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I came back day before, and the stale smell of dust welcomed me home. I was greeted by the sight of the usual unsightly mess that home usually is; the roomie's bedding still on the couch; the remotes for the television in as much disarray as usual, and lots of fungus in the kitchen.

Rice concocted before the trip to Purdue was catching fungus in the kitchen; so was some food left in the sink. The sight was ghastly. Maggots would have looked nicer. Needless to say, the mess found its way into the dust bin. Yours truly washed it all up yesterday. Intrepid, ain't I?

No groceries at home, save a decaying onion, age-old pasta and some unopened sauce. A quick pasta was made a meal of (avoiding the particularly decayed parts of the onion).

The next day dawned - and yes; the roomie was asleep on the couch again. I seriously need to talk to him about it - I just cannot keep getting shunned out of the living room this way! For the record, he was on the couch today too. I'm going to use the TV sitting on the ground from now on.

HEB was visited yesterday; armed with the trusty old backpack. Food was bought (for that capsicum-potato-onion affair which I attempted in the evening). Also bought those dino bites which Radha thinks so highly of.

Have a meeting by 11:00 today. Need to hurry up.



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