Thursday, March 23, 2006

Misplaced Unit Vectors, Stainless steel foam and a subway sandwitch

The title more or less sums up my day until now. But before I elaborate, please bear with my incoherent ramblings.

I watched a rather pathetic South Park episode yesterday night. Sometimes, I just can't help feeling that those South Park guys are just immature children begging for some discipline. I watch it all the same - indicating that I too am in need of some discipline.

I managed to not go to the gym yesterday again, something that might increase my rotundity. I think I will put my foot down and make my way to the gym in the evening today at least. I want to get rid of that you're-getting-fat feeling, which I seem to be living with now.

Had to go to the class in the morning as a TA. Gave the kids back their answer scripts. They were all quite happy; it was quite a high scoring affair.

Had a rather interesting Turbulence class where we talked about the role of the "rapid" pressure and how it affects the fourier velocity amplitude when strained. This is going to be the topic for the project, essentially. Pope uses unit vectors e^_j and e^_i as "unit" vectors in the wave number space .... and he uses their magnitudes only. I suspect they're direction cosines rather than unit vectors... then they would make sense.

Have a meeting after class today. This will be about using stainless steel foam as a porous medium inside the turbine blade - since it can withstand these high temperatures. Need a conversation with my guide today. This might work. Will tell you in the evening how he takes to the idea. It was he who came up with the notion of stainless steel inside the blade, interestingly... let's see how it goes.

The roomie, strangely, was not sleeping on the couch today. I wonder where he slept. I think he is imagining the bed bugs .... my bed is all bed and no bug.

This place seems to be on an "inspired" cold wave right now. A lot of fun. The walk to Subway (where I seem to be eating a lot, thanks to the 6" veggie-delite with diet coke) was a nice .. if not on the windy and nippy side.

Oh, well. That could be about it for now.


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