Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm supposed to be working

I've got some code to run (and a project to make head or tail of). I need to read Pope's text on turbulence and make sense of certain mathematical prolixities. I've got to prepare for next week's meeting on porous media with more lit-survey results. I've got to figure out the experiments (another part of my project, this time for wednesday's meeting) - something that I do not seem to be doing. I've got to prepare for an exam on tuesday. I've got to clean up my apartment - for it looks more like a pigsty than an apartment.

I certainly cannot afford to laze around, watch T.V, blog and make merry by going to my aunt's house. So, what did I do since yesterday evening?

I slept at 9:45 (Sacrilage!) after a hearty meal of "curry tofu" in a nearby Vietnamese place with my roomie (the one who does not sleep on the couch). I woke up at 6:30, had breakfast, watched T.V, blogged, spoke to Radha, surfed the net, saw T.V., had lunch, went to the bank (to deposit a check), had coffee, got invited to go to my aunt's place, came to the library and blogged.

I've got some serious rethinking to do w.r.t. the way I live my life.


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