Thursday, March 30, 2006

Office Hours

Sitting underground in the hole (the leaky, seamy undebelly of Texas A&M university), I connect to the "low" wi-fi signal and surf the net. The "hole" is my office, where I am supposed to spend at least four hours every week meeting students who might have doubts regarding material taught in class.

Until now, two students, I think, came over to ask me questions in my office. They do the cribbing in class ("Why did you cut points for this, why did you cut points for that...?"). It is indeed fortitious that this place is equipped with wireless internet, or else I would be staring at a very monotonous time.

Had a rather uneventful day until now. Have that weekly friday meeting in the evening today. I've made a quick presentation and it is on its way (by email) to my guide's inbox. Have an hour to go here ... and then I will go to the gas turbine heat transfer class.

Things seem to have fallen into some sort of order; some sort of shape right now. The work went of okay, and this weekend, I know what I am going to do. I've got to work on the project in Turbulence ... and I will discuss with my guide what exactly to do as far as this porous medium thing in concerned.

There is a possible trip to San Antonio this weekend, which I might have to cancel to make room for some progress in research (so that I can meet my cousin who will come over on Sunday).

Oh, well, that is about it then.


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