Thursday, June 08, 2006

Post Trip, Post Car Update: All the scraping

Yup. I've got a car now. An Eagle Talon (what's that?) thingy made in 1995.

And it's june here. Summer is over in India, and has just started here! Bloody maximum temperatures are refusing to see the happier side of 30C, and today is around, well, 38C.

A trip to Purdoo was effected recently, a jolly good time was had by all entities in question, viz. Self and Radha. The car was taken posession of after the aforementioned trip.

Working in a distant lab right now. A place called turbo-lab. Though, technically, I am a PhD student, my current job is to, well, scrape dried up glue from a copper piece. Is this what they meant by the romance of research? Or is there something else that I shall discover in time? Is it okay if I send by brain on vacation?

I'm hunting around for an apartment to stay alone in next semester. Staying alone is bound to be an improvement in standard of living.

Now that I am mobile, I have the opportunity to go anywhere I want. And now that I am mobile, I have lost the will to go anywhere! I have been to the movies only once with my car until now. There's this movie called "Cars" coming tomorrow. Perhaps that should be seen soon.

Oh well. The coffee has brewed. Let me drink that and get back to the scraping in the lab. After the scraping, life promises to get more interesting. I've heard talk of some "sticking". I am SO excited.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Radha said...

Hope you find your work challenging and inspiring soon...take care...


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