Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Post from Evans

It would seem that the only place that I update this blog is from within the gargantuan library in the Texas A&M campus, the Evans Library. Why do I update this blog only here? Why do I not do it in my room or in my TA office? The answer to that is mind-numbingly obvious. I am procrastinating working by blogging. I come here with the intent to work, but I give into the temptation of blogging. At home, blogging is too boring: I give into the temptation of the idiot box.

Have you ever worn clothes smeared with the essence of cockaroach? I have a gut feeling that I am doing so right now. And here's the rationale behind the "gut feeling". I went to the far away laundry room (they have not fixed the nearer one yet), and washed my clothes. I went back, put them in the drier. After putting them back in the hamper, I just felt around the drier - so see if any sock had lodged itself into some crevice within the drier. I did find a sock (the only one that I washed) and another lumpy thing. I picked it up and examined it closely. It was a legless cockaroach. I reckon the legs would have beem amputated druring rotation. It felt quite dry (it was in the drier, after all).

A rather unpleasant thought formed in my head. Did the cockaroach die due to the dizziness of rotation, or did it die in the heat, or was it sheared to death by clothes moving around? Disgust had seen to it that I replaced the cockaroach into the drier. I went back home.

I think I am finally enjoying the food at home. Both my room mates seem to cook quite well - essentially they cook south Indian food - and do a pretty good job of it. Munched some chips as I ate Sambar with rice and that staple: egg curry. (Made "American Style" using pepper instead of chilli power and garam masala).

I am in the library. I intend to work on Turbulence right now. And then I shall go home and change and go to the gym. Work out, and perhaps eat out too. Shlotzky sounds good. Their pizza is unbeatable, but perhaps a tad heavy for lunch.

I had Ramen for lunch today ... I could feel myself get fatter .. there should be a law against those horrible things. I picked out a vegetarian flavour: some Cheddar and Jalapeno. Too cheesy. I refuse to eat Ramen again... ever. I wonder what I shall do with the other two packets at home. Charity? No ... wait .. that would be cruelty rather than charity.


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