Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back after forever

I have got really erratic at updating this blog. Something I wish to correct.

But all is not lost. Nothing of note has transpired since I had last updated the blog. Answer sheets were graded, laptop was carried around, Orkut was Orkutted, gym was gone to, cycle was cycled, HEB was visited once or twice, a pointless $20 bike computer was procured, T.V was watched, and the Porous media project was doomed.

You heard me right. All the older posts - ranging from the excited to the confused, dealing with the use of porous inserts in Gas Turbines are - well, useless. Using properties from manufacturers, it was determined that the economics of Porous media left a lot to be desired. This realization was not without its drama, though. I thought I was right (as usual). I made a mistake in calcuation (as usual). This time, I took only 2 weeks to catch it. Way better than the blunder I made at IIT with Dr. Arunn - which set me back a couple of months or so. He was very supportive - and I guess I can take heart from what happened then and not lose hope.

Another trip to Purdoo is on the cards - somewhere in the middle of next month. For a couple of days only. Can't afford more time than that in Summer. I plan to make amends in summer. I believe I am already making amends: I am helping one of my colleagues construct a test section. Some rudimentary nut and bolt tightening and carpentry - it is not bad at all. But I must make sure I don't dumben down to pure experimentation. I need to make sure that I do a lot of what I think I am good at: mathematical analysis.

I believe I am getting closer to procuring a car every moment I am here. Another colleague will have to be requested to partner me somtime.....

I would like to conclude now and focus more on other things - especially a presentation due sometime this week.


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