Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hectic after a long time

The last week witnessed a spurt in work-load - a subtle spurt, not a dirac delta, but a spurt nevertheless. There was a project to be submitted today: the RDT thing that I was talking about in earlier blogs. Being the IITian that I am, I obviously did not work until the last minutes.

It felt good to be busy after a long time. Good to have no time to do nothing. Good to sit beside my computer and work on some research ... or pseudo research, at least. It felt good to generate results, rationalize them physically, propose physical interpretations and work on order of magnitude estimates again. This is research as I know it.

Of course, come to think of research, my guide is an experimental person. So, it is natural to expect that lots of my PhD work will indeed be experimental. Until now, I have not really been exposed to experiments in general. Numerical experiments, yes, but real experiments, no. Until now, I have heard that wind tunnels exist, seen some (from a distance), but I have never genuinely used any. The experiments here will surely give me an idea of various experimental issues encountered by real researchers. They will also give me a first hand experience of turbulence - an experience with the various methods used to measure the same. It is one thing, being familiar with the physics of something, and quite another thing to witness the physics in action.

I intend to keep a hectic schedule from now on. I hope I get to work on some experiments from today onwards. I am okay with working as a lab assistant even!

I've really got nothing more to say.


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